Welcome to the official site of the Columbia Basin Net, operating on 3960 Khz, 365 days per year. If 3960 is occupied, our backup frequencies are listed in the NCS Instructions under the Preamble link.   
Membership requirements are that you must check in at least 10 times per calendar month. Visitors are called for at the end of the member roll call and are welcome on the CBN. Starting on Wednesday, November 25, 2015, the CBN will start at 6:00 pm local time nightly.
Feel free to look around the website and to join us on the net some evening. We look forward to hearing you on the Columbia Basin Net.        
Thank you for stopping by!    

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 Click here to download a copy of the US Amateur Bands effective September 22, 2017. 
The CBN is run solely off your donations. If you wish to make a donation, please send it to our Secretary/Treasurer Dan/WA7DJ. He is good on QRZ. 
If you have made a donation to the CBN, we thank you. 
If your address bar shows "Not secure" click on the following link: 
to go to the secure version of the CBN website.
The annual CBN Picnic and Swap Meet will be held on Saturday, June 10th, at Brian/W7BJN and Leigh Ann's/W7LEA QTH. It is a potluck and will start about 11 am and go until 3-4 pm. The CBN will provide hot dogs, buns, condiments, and utensils. In addition, the Net will provide ice cream for desert. You will need to bring a chair, something to drink, and a dish to share. Please do not bring other meats that require cooking.